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Albinism101 Honors


Animal and Human Albinism Index

Albinism-the absence of pigmentation in the eye and skin and hair
Amelanistic- animals that lack melanin and are white with pink or red eyes.
Domestic- tame
Embryo-an organism at any time before full development, birth, or hatching
Malnutrition- poor nutrition because of an insufficient diet
Melanin-naturally occuring dark pigments
Mutations-a change in DNA that results in a trait not found in the parent
Nystagmus- when your eyes jump and jerk in all directions
Piebaldism- albinism that only effects certain parts of your skin
Predators- an organism that lives by eating other animals
Prey- a hunted organism
Retina-the sensory membrane that recieves images formed by the lens and changes it into nervous signals that are sent to the brain
Strabismus- when the eyes don't focus and it often results in an lazy eye or you can become crossed eyed.
Ultraviolet light-wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays